Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Pre-Christmas Festivities! // 2014

Happy Christmas Eve!!!! :)

How is everyone's holiday season going?

We have been super busy! -even on the days and nights where 'there isn't anything'.... things always pop up. We spent the past weekend meeting with friends, picking up our new car(!), seeing my extended family, cleaning, and baking.

I had the best time with my family this year, we all had dinner and watched home movies from when we were kids. We laughed so much, and just hung out. It was made all the sweeter by the fact that my grandfather was the one who took the videos. He has since passed away, but it felt like he was there with us. :)

Here are some of our pre-Christmas happenings this year.

One Very Festive Day. . .

Tree Trimming: Family Style

Every year my dad goes on a week-long hunting trip to the Western part of the state, and us girls are left here. -that's ok with me.... ;) My sister Jess was out of town too, so KC and I picked up a pizza and went over to help Mom and OE set up and decorate their Christmas tree. It was pretty fun, I always like being able to spend more time with them! In these pictures OE is saying 'slug bug! red one! Santa!' - and then she dissolved into giggles.. :)

Movie Date:

KC took me to see 'It's a Wonderful Life' at the beginning of the month at Liberty Hall. We have been trying to go see more old movies, especially in the theaters. Can you believe I hadn't seen this one?! It was so romantic and sweet. It was even better that as we walked out of the theater the lights were lit in the trees! - so pretty!

Tree Trimming: Apartment Style

After tree trimming with my family and our vintage movie date, we headed home to hang with Duchess and make our place more festive. We set up our tiny tree on the table by the door, strung up some lights, put on silly hats, and had hot chocolate. Then we watched The Holiday.... soooo good right?!?!??! (swooon... Jude Law... ) ;)

A few nights later we made our 'Hotschnaapslate' recipe and cuddled up on the couch and watched Love Actually. Another romantic Christmas classic. I just love it. And I can't get over the fact that the little boy is now in GOT.... quite the swap. :) And that Bilbo Baggins is also a porn star... oh gosh it's just too funny.

All of us 'kids' made it to Olivia's winter concert as well. It was brilliant. They had a rap song, and a reggae style one.

I got videos... oh boy! She looked so cute, and I think she felt pretty special that we all made it for her show. :)

Last Friday we got to go to Celtic Woman's Christmas Symphony Concert again. They have been coming to KS which has been such a treat. Though I wish they would come up closer to where we live. It seems like everytime we've driven down to Wichita/Mulvane to see them the crowds have been so much smaller. Plus the casino has the strangest policies, the people working are never very friendly either.... I really dislike this venue. Oh well. The concert was lovely. So beautiful, Lisa Lambe was back from having her baby. It was a fun date night to get into the spirit. :)

The last few days we have finished up our wrapping, baked a cranberry buckle... YUM(!), and met with more friends. We baked two pumpkin pies last night, and got the Peanut Butter Balls started... Tonight we will go to my family's house and have our Christmas Dinner, exchange gifts, bake these SPRITZ cookies, and look at old pictures. :) I'm excited!

By far my favorite picture.... ? - This one. So cute... :)

Tomorrow we will start the morning with KC's immediate family, then go to see my family again, and end the day in Kansas City with his extended family.

A busy week, but I think it will be a great one! - and soon it will be our anniversary! Holy cow! :)

What are you guys up to?

What festive activities do you like to do up until Christmas? What are your traditions?

I hope that you all have the happiest of holidays!




  1. Love Actually is so good! My husband had never seen it before so we watched it a couple weeks ago. Hugh Grant & Colin Firth are awesome in it.

  2. when he dances... oh goodness. they're both great.

  3. Congrats on the new car :D Everything sounds like a lot of fun... you sure did a lot more than I did lol! Hope you had great Christmas!


  4. Aww this was such a wonderful peek into you Christmas festivities! I always like hearing about how other people prepare for the holidays, because it's such an exciting time. It's so lovely to see how much time you spend with your family, I love that! I live across the country from my family, and even though I'm home for the holidays I'm dreading going back and being so far from my family again.

    I actually have seen The Holiday, lol and I love it! Even though I adore Kate Winslet (she and Leo need to just get married), I actually like Cameron and Jude Law's storyline better than Kate and Jack Black's. Sometimes I actually fast forward through their scenes to get back to Cameron and Jude lol.

    I hope you had a lovely holiday Alexandra! From the looks of this post I'm sure you did!! :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

  5. lol bilbo baggins is a porn star! hilarious! hope you had a lovely christmas :)

  6. Thanks Jessica! It was sort of an unexpected thing to get a new car... my husband's sister learned to drive on ours, and really wanted it for living on campus. So his parents decided to 'trade' us.... :) haha Fine with me. It was a BUSY season. :) XO

  7. Thanks so much Z! It was such a busy, but fun period of time! :) I think it would be so difficult to live far from my family. I am glad that for the time being we all live close and get to see each other frequently. :) I hope that you had a lovely time seeing your family, even though you had to leave them too.

    The Holiday is so sweet! I agree Kate is so adorable, and so is Leo. I used to highly prefer Cameron & Jude's storyline... and it is still more romantic, but I just love Arthur. :) And I love the fact that this is the first time I have like Jack Black's acting.... it's so funny in that movie. :)

    I hope you did too!



  8. Seeing Celtic Woman is always such a treat. I have been a fan for a few years now, and my husband and I have managed to work them into summer road trips etc. and see them 6 times in the last 4 ish years maybe. We usually get the cheapie seats and try to go somewhere really close. That cuts costs, but the shows are always so fun! I hope that you get to go someday soon! :) I hope you got a chance to watch the holiday! XO

  9. Thanks Melanie, we had a blast. Thanks for stopping by. :) XO-Alexandra

  10. I just almost forget every year..... it's way too funny. Hope you did too! XO

  11. I agree with the Jack Black acting lol. I was really surprised, he did a pretty good job. He can be a bit obnoxious sometimes, but he toned it down for The Holiday

  12. That does sound like so much fun!! That drink (which I won't try to spell) looks delicious and I LOVE peanut butter balls! And going to see A Wonderful Life in the theater sounds so fun!

  13. It all sounds like so much fun! I love your sense of family and friends- it's clear how much you cherish that and I love it! Hope the rest of the week and your New Years are every bit as special!!

  14. You basically just put 'schnapps' in the middle of Hot Chocolate. :) It's soooo good. A very nice way to relax after a busy holiday or day at work. Give it a try... haha I thought it was magical to see it the first time in a theatre! :) XO

  15. I love that I get to spend the holidays and a lot of other time with my family and friends. We are lucky to live close. I especially want to try hard as Olivia is younger. It must be hard to have older siblings out of the house already! Thank you! I hope that yours is too. :) XO

  16. Oh that sounds amazing! I'll have to try that!!


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