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The Girly Girl // Books for Every Lady on Your List // Holiday Gift Guide // 2014

The Girly Girl

She is the one in the pearls. The hopeless romantic. The beauty who's always trying a new braid in her hair, a new manicure on her fingers, a new trick with her eyeliner. She enjoys romantic old movies and the finer things in life. If she isn't dressed to the 9's she might be on her way to the mall. Her closet is a work of art, her drawer of jewelry is filled to the brim, she's got more nail polish than you could use in a lifetime. Her Instagram is a collage of black and white movie shots, her new favorite lipstick, the purse that she is coveting, and romantic quotes.

1 & 2)  Style & Beauty

Both of these books are essential for any girl who is looking to build a wardrobe and a beauty collection. Conrad covers the her basics in fashion, and where to get them, how to organize them, how to build outfits with them etc. She also touches on what to wear to interviews, on dates, dressing things up and down, as well as packing, and posing in photos. -she knows her stuff! In 'Beauty' she does the same sort of thing, but with makeup, hair, skincare, and health tips. She shares her tips on eating well, how to do your own manicure, makeup designs for all sorts of occasions. Really great for beginners and veterans as well!

3) Braids, Buns, and Twists!: Step-by-Step Tutorials for 82 Fabulous Hairstyles

You might remember my post about this book, it is a fantastic resource for someone who loves to do hair, as well as someone who is trying to be 'better' at hair (ME!). It focuses on the basics, the tools needed, and obviously gives instructions to pull off 82 new hairstyles. This book is really approachable and fun! I highly recommend it for pros and beginners!

4) Underneath It All

This is the perfect guide to lingerie of all kinds for every woman! I learned about it while we were in Seattle and have loved starting to read it! There are tips for women of every size and shape about what lingerie is best for them, in every situation and style. I cannot stress the importance of a bra that fits correctly! This would also make a lovely gift for a bride-to-be at a bachelorette party or shower!

5) Bubbly on Your Budget: Live Luxuriously with What You Have

This book was first published in 1937! It is the answer to all of our luxe girl desires on a broke girl budget... From home to love, clothes to food, and everywhere in between, this timeless advice still rings true. I repeat 1937! This book would also be a great choice for the Vintage Vixen!

6) Love Letters of Great Men and Women

For the friend who loves being in love, this book is filled with private letters from prominent people such as Charles Darwin & Jane Austen. Romance! Romance! Romance! Fella's: this would be a sweet gift for your lady!

7) Breakfast at Tiffany's

Did you know this was a book before it was a movie? I didn't for a while. This 1958 classic is good for anyone who loves the movie, Audrey, love, vintage... really anyone. Especially great for ladies who are also Lit-Lovers or Vintage Vixens!

8) Cupcakes and Cashmere: A Guide for Defining Your Style, Reinventing Your Space, and Entertaining with Ease

From the blog of the same name, a visual treat of a guide to the season's. Emily Schuman thoroughly lays out her favorite tips and activities of the season from fall wardrobe essentials to spring flea market shopping tips. She shares her favorite decorating tips, entertaining strategies, and recipes, along with specific details on things like party playlists and bookcase design. Also great for the Hostess!

9) Nails, Nails, Nails!: 25 Creative DIY Nail Art Projects

A sweet and small book for the DIY manicurist in all of us. This book includes lovely photographs along with easy-to-follow instructions on how to create exciting nail art at home. A perfect gift paired with a pretty polish! Also great for the DIY-er.

I hope that this list has given you some book ideas for your girliest friend!

Interested in more?  Check out this post to view my book recommendations for other 'types'.

Happy Gifting!



  1. I want the bubbly book for myself :) though lauren conrad's books are good ideas for my bestie...

  2. I really want the bubbly book too! It looks adorable. I got 'style' for my SIL and she loved it! :) XO


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