Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Two Sweetest People in Minneapolis // Emy & Matthew // October 2014

Last weekend was my dear friend Emy's birthday. So I thought I would share this with you guys today. :)

We met in college and lived in the same scholarship hall. We bonded over our love of books, travel, and the fact that we were both in very happy (and rare!) long-term relationships. We had fun movie and TV nights together.... there's nothing like watching a funny movie with Emy! (I will never forget how hard she laughed when Hugh Jackman took off his shirt and poured water on himself in 'Australia' .. priceless! ). The list goes on and on.

Later when Matthew moved to the same city, the four of us began having double dates. He likes architecture, comics, and music. We got to go to one of his band's concerts before they moved away, and it was awesome.

Together they are the sweetest couple. They like getting sushi late at night, watching Bob's Burgers, and playing scrabble. They run, listen to vinyl, and love going to movies out. You can tell how good they are for each other. :)

The two of them moved to Minneapolis a little over a year ago, and I miss them dearly. But since they have moved we have managed to drive up and see them twice! They offered up their spare bedroom to us, and spending time with them has been lovely. I think that we know them better now than we did when they lived here!

After we returned from Seattle, we drove up to Minneapolis for a concert, and to spend time with the two of them. We had some great meals out, enjoyed long talks about futures, families, travels, and school, and we got to see some of their favorite places in the Twin Cities.

I captured some shots of Emy and Matthew that day, I hope you enjoy them. - aren't they just the cutest!?

I hope that you enjoyed these pictures! I'll share more photos from this trip soon!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. These pictures are all so lovely!! Can't wait to see more from your trip :) I tried liking your Facebook page and the link just brought me to the home page. Thought you should know that! When you get that linked fixed though tell me and I'll come back to like it!

  2. Thanks so much! My Facebook page hasn't gone active yet! But I wanted to go ahead and put in the button. :) I will leave you a link or comment when I activate it! I am hoping it will be next week! XO

  3. lovely pictures and they sound like lovely people :)

  4. Hi :) I now have a FB page up and running! There is nothing in it yet, and I haven't shared it with anyone... you could be my first 'like' :) Enter my giveaway today too! :) XO :)

  5. Aw this story is the sweetest! Its so good to have close friends and when you're in a relationship and actually all get along as a foursome....the best!

  6. Thanks Zanna! It really is nice! All of our 'couple friends' keep moving away... so we just have to try to travel more... darn*. (*sarcasm). hehe Thanks for stopping by! Feel like entering my giveaway? It is open until midnight CST tonight!

    XO - Alexandra


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