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Books for Every Lady on Your List! // Holiday Gift Guide // 2014

As this season beings gift giving can often become difficult and stressful. We all want to give the perfect gift, we all want to get the perfect gift. We want our gift to be fun and original, but we also want it to be useful. So what's a girl to do?

I have been told that I am a great gift giver. It makes me smile to hear it because I can honestly say that I LOVE to give gifts. I try to think about the people on my list and what they might like, and it usually ends well for both of us! But where do you start?

I find that 9 times out of 10, a book is the answer.

The trick? Know her type.

What is she into? She may not seem like a big reader, but that doesn't mean she wouldn't love a book on a topic in her interests. Check out her Instagram, Twitter, Facebook statuses, etc. Is she always baking? Maybe she's posting pictures of her kiddos. Maybe it is a picture of a beautifully decorated party table. Those things can clue you in to what she likes!

Below I have briefly described 10 'types' of friends you might have. Give them a read.

Does it sound like her? Then the corresponding post (just click on the title!) just may clue you into the perfect book for her! - These posts are being added throughout the week, check back to read them all!

It's likely that your friend falls in more than one category! Read several to get more ideas, and find the right fit for her!

The DIYer

This is your craftiest, most artsy friend. The one who is making her own chalkboard paint, knitting, wearing handmade earrings, and finishing a quilt (possibly all at the same time). Maybe she is more of a upcycler, you marvel at her ability to turn average scraps and run down finds into beautiful and useful pieces of decor or clothing. She always has more than one new project going. Her workspace or home might be filled with ribbon scraps, pincushions, art pens, glitter.... She probably gives homemade gifts, and they are always perfect. Her Instagram is a beautiful photography portfolio.

The Foodie

This is the woman who is always in her kitchen. If she isn't baking, she's probably cooking. And if she isn't cooking she's probably baking. If her fridge is stocked then she's probably cooking or baking for someone else. This is also the girl who is always trying new restaurants. You might think she's an over-achiever for making her own vanilla, canning her own pie filling, garnishing her dinner plates, and spinning her own cotton candy... but this is what she lives for. Her sink is always full of dishes, and there is usually a delicious smell coming from the oven. Her Instagram is almost completely filled with pictures of food, food she's made, her dinner at a restaurant, a beautiful cup of coffee... you get the idea!

The Girly Girl

She is the one in the pearls. The hopeless romantic. The beauty who's always trying a new braid in her hair, a new manicure on her fingers, a new trick with her eyeliner. She enjoys romantic old movies and the finer things in life. If she isn't dressed to the 9's she might be on her way to the mall. Her closet is a work of art, her drawer of jewelry is filled to the brim, she's got more nail polish than you could use in a lifetime. Her Instagram is a collage of black and white movie shots, her new favorite lipstick, the purse that she is coveting, and romantic quotes.

The Green Queen

This is your healthiest, activist type of friend. She's probably a vegan, if she isn't she's a vegetarian. If she isn't any of those things she might have a homestead (or want to start one). She's the one who shops at the farmer's market, makes her own cleaners, and reads product labels (and knows what she's reading!). She might even drive a hybrid or enjoy camping. Her windowsills are filled with plants, she often has a yummy soy candle burning, her sheets are organic cotton. Her Instagram is filled with nature shots, her pet, environmental statistics, and healthy breakfasts.

The Homebody

When you walk into her home, you feel like you've walked into a magazine, or Pinterest. Every time you visit, her furniture is in a completely different configuration. She's the one who is always changing her wall art with the seasons, dreaming of paint colors, and DIYing thrifted furniture. She probably has an affinity for throw pillows, rugs, and lampshades. HGTV is her jam. Her Instagram is made up of snapshots of wreaths on front doors, paint color swatches, holiday decorations, and bookcase designs. - this is definitely my momma!

The Hostess

The hostess is the one who is always organizing all of your social plans, inviting you over, inviting you out, sending you mail, giving you gifts... etc. She is happy to have you over at a moment's notice, she always has snacks and drinks on hand, and manages to look anything but flustered in any social situation. She might be an incredible cook or bartender. She knows how to set a theme for even the smallest gathering. She might also be crafty, creating centerpieces, handmade invitations, paper decorations, or wrapping a present like a pro. No occasion is too big or small to celebrate for her. Her Instagram is a collage of invitation designs, seasonal holiday details, pretty cocktails, and impressive desserts.

The Lit-Lover

This is the girl who's nose is always in a book. Not just any book, but often times classics and books that you've heard about for their intimidating reputations. She probably has a favorite, whether it's Pride & Prejudice or Frankenstein. - find out what it is! The depth of her love for books goes beyond the book itself, but into the movies, the authors, the time periods, the quotes, the fan fiction... it's a never ending love affair. It's quite possible she has always yearned for a life in the past. She may not be your most social friend, but she is a very good one! She's a wonderful listener, and full of sage advice. Her Instagram (if she's keeping one!) is filled with quotes from her favorite books and authors, snapshots of what she's been reading, and screenshots of destinations she's fallen in love with through books.

The Momma

Anyone woman with a child can be a mom, but she is so much more than that! Her kids are her world and there is no way she would rather have it. She enjoys creating family and solo activities for her kids. She might like animated movies and children's books just as much as (if note more than!) their adult counterparts. She strives to interact with her children in a way that helps them learn and grow. When you see her she probably has a funny story to tell you about one of her kiddos, she might have finger paints on her jeans, or glue on her sleeve... but she wouldn't have it any other way! She might also be a school teacher. Her Instagram is made up of pictures of her kids and details of their lives. From soccer practice to creative sandwich cuts, and board games, and snow angels -these are her favorite parts of her day.

The Vintage Vixen

She's the one with an iTunes library filled with more music from before 1970 than after 1970. She probably enjoys antique malls and thrift shopping. Her hair is might be pinned up in a vintage 'do, and her lips are often bright red. She might enjoy vintage recipes and some of the 'domestic arts' of days-gone-by. She might be handy with a sewing machine or in the garden. She probably owns a record player and sends letters. Black and white movies, hand knit blankets, and dinner at a diner are among her favorite things in life. She probably went as her favorite movie star for Halloween. Her grandmother might be her biggest hero. Don't be surprised to find her in horn rimmed glasses or an apron. Her Instagram is a collection of her vintage finds, retro hair styles, swoony old song lyrics, and her own handicrafts.

The Wanderluster

This is your friend who is either gone, or talking about her next trip. She might be willing to do things that sound awful to you, just to travel. From 'short' 8 hour road trips, to forgoing dinners out to put every dollar possible into her travel plans, she's determined. When you talk to her about her future travel plans she might mention obscure destinations like Slovenia or backpacking in Patagonia. Her home is decorated in souvenirs, maps, globes, and photos from her travels. She's probably the one suggesting Tapas or Ethiopian for a dinner out. She knows about miles, travel hacking, and public transportation around the globe. She's probably plotting out three or more trips just right now. Her Instagram is filled with inspirational travel quotes, snapshot from her trips, and maps of where she's been.

Has this helped you narrow down your search? I hope so!

Click on the headings for each section to see the 10 books that I have found for each 'type'. I hope this helps!

Which category/categories do you think that you fall into?

Thanks for reading & happy gifting!



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