Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Snapshots of Tybee Island, GA // June 2016

As the weather cools down here, I'm recapping the hot and humid Georgia.

On to Tybee Island!

When we went to Savannah we knew we wanted to drive out to the ocean a few times. Being land-locked Kansans we love to see the water - and get to the coast any chance we can. :) Tybee Island is just 25-30 minutes from Savannah, a very easy drive, and a perfect little beach town. It's known for it's light house, it's beaches, and it's laid back island charm. We went primarily to check climbing a light house off my list, and on our third try we *finally* got to go up! This ended up being one of our favorite things we did on this whole trip!

Eat: We actually did not eat at all on the island. We did stop for limeades on the drive back to Savannah once, which were really yummy, but WAY too big.

See: The Southern beaches. Our photos were taken on North Beach. The light house, and it's cottage and compound. Especially the view from the top! :)

Shop: There are a few little clusters of shops on the island. We only visited a few, but it was fun to see local artist's work, and fun little items here and there. Lord knows I didn't need to buy a ton after Savannah... not saying I bought nothing... 
Do: Climb the light house and explore the cottage and compound. Imagine that you are living there, get swept away in day dream... Hang out at the beach! In June the water was lovely! We got caught in a storm that was very intense but exhilarating.
Favorites: The light house, and swimming in the ocean!

New Experiences: Climbing a light house, getting caught in a big coastal storm, learning anything about light houses really. :) 

Random Tip: If you happen to get caught in a coastal storm, just keep following the cars with local license plates. This is by no means official advice... but we were on the high way, driving slowly in intense wind and rain - when some sort of emergency vessel lit up and started making fog horn sounds! So intense, I don't know what that means.... so following the cars eventually lead us out of the island and out of the storm. I figured the locals would know when it was too bad to keep driving!

Have you been to Tybee Island? What did you think?

Do you mind storms? Have you ever been caught in one that you didn't know how to react during?

What's your favorite destination you've visited by the ocean?! I want to know!!

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Happy Travels!



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