Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Snapshots of The California Coast // Carmel & Big Sur

Roooad Tripppp!

Once we met up with friends Mari and Eric outside of the city, and had seen the area around them, we decided to take a little trip down the PCH. Mari had a class project to go somewhere she hadn't been (or do something she hadn't done) and take a photo with a puzzle piece. She hadn't been to Big Sur, so we went there, but stopped in Carmel on the way. It was GORGEOUS.

Eat: We grabbed a breakfast on the go this day, and we headed down the coast. We stopped at a restaurant that is known for the view (not the food!) hehe and had a late lunch. It was ok, nothing special. We weren't expecting anything amazing though. We grabbed ice cream later, and then Mariana made us a Brazilian dinner - which was really really good. :) 

See: The California Coast, The beach in Carmel, and parks and beaches in Big Sur.

Shop: We didn't shop at all! But Carmel does have a cute little downtown that probably has some fun shops. :) 

Do: Enjoy the view! 

Favorites: We were lucky enough to see some whales from the beach, from the state park, and also while we were driving along the PCH. Just a dream. That's the first time I've seen them without expecting to from land! :) MAGIC! Other than that, did I mention the view?! 

New Experiences: Driving along the coast, seeing whales from land, being at a pacific coast beach, windy coastal highways (eek). 

Random Tip: Take some Dramamine! Unless you are 100% sure you don't need it. I took the natural kind and it helped TREMENDOUSLY on the drive!

After a 10 year friendship we were so happy to get together with Mari and Eric! :) Thank you so much for your hospitality and making such a fun few days for us! :) 

Have you been down the California Coast?

Have you seen whales in the wild before?

Happy Travels!


*some photo credit for Barbecue and group pictures goes to Mari and Eric! :)*

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