Friday, September 2, 2016

Have You Heard? // Jack Garratt "Worry"

Happy Friday Friends! I hope you had a great week. :)

This song has so much going on. I absolutely love the lyrics, love the sound it pulls off in a multi-genre type of way... oh it's so good.

I am a lyric(s)? person, and I suffer from anxiety, so maybe this is just a song for me? The whole chorus is about getting rest and letting him worry about it. Love. That's so KC right there. It's that whole self-care thing again, and I swear by it. Having someone around who cares to give you relief is also a very very big bonus. Thanks love. (sorry guys, between this and IG lately it's just mush city...)

Anyhow, thank you to Jack Garratt for writing this great song - lyrics, music, and all. It's a new favorite for me. I hope that you like it too.

Excited to explore more of his music.

Have you heard this before? What did you think?

Do you suffer from anxiety? How do you deal with it?

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