Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Happy Birthday KC! // 2017

Well friends, today is KC's bday! He is turning 26, and I've got a whole bday week* planned, which I'll have to tell you about later! *secrets* :)

As usual... I have a lot of mushy thoughts... and so I'll try to form some type of post... :) - sometimes I try not to repeat.. but do anyway.

12 Facts about KC
  1. He has the prettiest sea green eyes.
  2. He used to be the pickiest eater. Now he'll eat almost anything!
  3. He has a ton of fun designing D&D adventures for his friends. He's still selling online guides, over $1500 made on just one!
  4. When we first started dating, KC loooooved Bowling for Soup. I kid you not.
  5. He made a playlist that's just for cleaning so he feels super pumped about dishes or an apartment sweep. (it's a good one!)
  6. He has the sharpest and simultaneously most creative mind. He always amazes me with his abilities and new ideas.
  7. He loves a lazy weekend.
  8. He sticks up for what's right. (whether it's reminding young gamers that using "raped" in another context is not something to joke about, or sticking up for equality pre- and post- election.)
  9. He loves Ron Swanson & also bacon. - those go hand in hand, obvs.
  10. He's not concerned with stereotypical gender roles. He'll rock T-swift, he'll take me to see Pride and Prejudice, he'll laugh over cute cat videos, and tiny baby clothes with me. 
  11. The man bun is still going strong... for those who were curious.
  12. Growing up Robin Hood was his favorite Disney Movie.
*if you wonder why we do a bday week for KC's birthday, or if you're thinking... that's excessive and unrealistic. Here's why I do it: 

KC is absolutely the sweetest most selfless human I've ever met. I'm not saying that because he's my husband, I'm saying it because it's true. He'll do things he doesn't want to do when he really doesn't have to. He puts me, his family, his friends, and many others before himself nearly all of the time. He spoils me every day just by being with me. He gives his time and service without thinking. Because he so rarely asks for anything, or to do anything just for himself... I like to make a big deal out of his birthday. It's the only time when I can truly spoil him. I don't expect to make up for it, because he'll keep on being his selfless self... but I like to show him how much I appreciate him once per year. 

Bday week started back in 2012 after we got married. Each day I do something fun for him. It might be a gift, it might be an activity, a meal, etc. It's quite often something that's just his favorite. For example, we go to his favorite restaurants that I don't LOVE. One year I gave him a new board game almost every day. It just depends on the year. :) Some years are "better" than others based on time available, budget, etc. but I do my best to make each bday week enjoyable for him. 

Anyhow, happy birthday my love! I'm so excited to spend another great year with you. I hope that this year is your favorite year yet!



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