Monday, June 5, 2017

Eco Beauty Reviews Vol. II

You may have seen my first Eco Beauty Review, it's been a little while, so I figured I would go on to a new volume! 

Today I wanted to share a few more eco products that I have been trying, and how I like them so far. :) I hope to do a recurring feature on the products I try, and how I like them. Are you interested in reading more? Let me know in the comments! :)

1) Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint by 100 Percent Pure

These little pigment sticks are one of my favorite makeup items, I use it every day! I have two colors: Shimmery Strawberry and Peach Glow. I tend to use the peach one in the summer months, and the strawberry one in the winter ones, but they are both great for any time of year. I use them as my blush in my "5 minute face" routine. I simply swipe a little over each cheek, and then blend with my fingers or a blending sponge. It gives me a little bit of color in my cheeks without being too bright. It also makes a nice sheer lip color. Though I don't tend to use it on my lips a lot. While these are a little pricey for blush ($25), I think they last me almost a year! So they are a really good value!

Purchase Here: Strawberry and Peach.

2) Natural Hand Lotion by 100 Percent Pure

When I went to college I had TONS of lotions. Mostly gifts from friends and family, tons of scents, tons of chemicals, etc. I used them all up, because I didn't want to be wasteful... but after that point, I didn't purchase a lot of lotions. One winter 100 Percent Pure did a Black Friday special where you could get three small sized lotions for a really good price. I got one and it included lavender, coconut, and honey almond scents. I really loved it, and since then I have continued purchasing them as I'm out. I don't love the coconut scent, which I usually do like coconut, but the honey almond and lavender are favorites. I even use the lavender ones on my face when I forget my moisturizer, and it works great! These hand creams are $12, and last for quite a while.

As a tip, these eco lotions don't absorb into your skin immediately. In turn they moisturize better, but you'll want to give it a few minutes before you go about doing other things.

One of the things I've hated the most about "going eco" is that there are so many less items with fun scents. Everything is pretty hippie or just comes in a few scents. I love that 100 Percent Pure has found natural ways to scent their products. It's so much more fun again!

Purchase Here.

3) Luminizing Face Powder by Honest Beauty

I have always loved makeup looks with just a little bit of shimmer. I don't want a ton of glitter on my face, but a subtle mineral eye shadow or powder with a bit of shimmer is a favorite. This luminizing powder is really really gorgeous and layers subtly over my other makeup. I just swipe a little bit over my cheek tint (above) and it gives me a highlight on my cheek bones. You can also use it near your brow! Or wherever you want to highlight. This powder is $25 on its own, or part of a three item $50 per shipment bundle. It comes in three colors: Midnight Reflection, Dawn Reflection, and Dusk Reflection. I use the Midnight Reflection color.

Purchase Here.

What beauty products have you guys been trying? Any that you love?

Are you interested in seeing more eco-beauty posts?

This post does not contain affiliate links. As always, I'm giving you guys my honest opinion!

Thank you for reading!


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