Friday, August 31, 2018

Have You Heard? // Broods - "Peach"

HAPPY FRIDAY FRIENDS! And hooray if you also get a long weekend this weekend! :) CELEBRATE!

Broods is my favorite, so I was super stoked so see that they had a new single! I love it, so catchy and fun!

Can't wait to hear more of the new album!!

What are you guys up to this (long!) weekend?!

Tonight my girlfriends are coming over for a movie night, I'm super jazzed about it! It's been a long time since we've just stayed in and watched something fun together! KC and I are planning to keep settling into our new house, and hopefully do some fun things! I've been jonesing to read without interruption and also to do something crafty! :) :) I also feel like I'd be up for going out to a movie or something, we'll see!! :) Also, I'm having withdrawls, I haven't seen my nephew or my sister for too long! *cough* Jess! Let's hang out! Also, we definitely need to do some yard work, clean out the car, and actually get some groceries. LOL

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Also, I LOVED Nadine's post about not knowing what she wants to be when she grows up on Lindsey's blog! SO MUCH YES. Amen lady, and I feel ya!!




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