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Life Lately // August 2019

I used to join this linkup with my monthly goal recaps every single month.. but haven't in much too long! Today I'll just share what I've been up to!


Earlier this year we watched Pushing Daisies, I never got to share that... but it was strange and adorable, and I loved it! We finished season 3 of Stranger Things (really good, a few qualms, but really good), and started The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (the first season had a rough patch, but has since then has been good, this is not as spooky/scary as I had expected based on what everyone had said... LOL). I enjoyed both Aladdin and Toy Story 4 more than I expected to. Otherwise we have started and stopped watching a bunch of shows.

Listening To:
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Lots of Disney music. Kacey Musgraves. Camilla Cabello collabs. New T-swift.

my comically large summer reading list. Not including ARCs or the many impulse reads. So far I have read 4 of these... not bad?

I've not read quite as much in the last few months, and most of my reads have just been ok. :( However, I am in the middle of A Curse So Dark and Lonely and so far am loving it! Crossing my fingers that it stays super good! :) However, I'm doing ok on my reading goal!


I've been having so much fun with clothing again. I put this in my IG stories, but I used to have such a toxic relationship with shopping to where I wouldn't buy anything thinking shopping was really bad (even when I needed something/had money) and then I would binge, and then I would return a bunch of stuff. It's sort of how I grew up and and I have been fighting it for years. I also struggled for a while to find clothes that I liked as a curvy woman. I'm so happy to be in a place where shopping and dressing is fun again. I still have to talk myself down... but I'm having fun and it makes me feel good and confident to enjoy my clothes. :) I just made Modcloth and Unique Vintage orders which I am super excited to try on and then I bought a very cute headband via an Etsy seller. Ready for fall fashion!!

Home Stuff:

We are finally more "settled" in our home. We are starting to organize, and to get rid of things we realize we're not using/don't want/don't have a place in our home. We are figuring out where we need to work on more. We did do a DIY chalkboard for our kitchen, and set up a glass door bookcase which I spent the day organizing one day. That was in my IG stories, and you can watch that highlight here. We bought some garden tools and planted some flowers in pots and little starbucks cups to start the seeds. Most have survived, but I haven't put any in the ground yet. I am finding lawn care/gardening to be a challenge and not something that I so far really enjoy doing... we'll see how it goes. A lot of this stems from my heat intolerance and it has been very hot here this summer. I get heat sick so easily and so I tend to avoid any outside activities.


Disney! We are excited to head to Disney World in December. We love Christmas, and we love Disney so we are super jazzed about it! Have recommendations?! I'd love to know!

Halloween! I loooove Halloween and the sort of fall-ish things that come with it. I ordered some fall/Halloween clothes but now I've been thinking about our annual party and costumes. :)


For my birthday I bought a cookie decorating kit and taught myself to ice cookies with the flooding method. It has been super fun to try (and eat). I think I have figured out the dough/baking times and icing consistencies. It's been so hot that I haven't baked any this week, but am excited to make more cookies soon. We also tried this steak and potatoes salad recipe and it was so good. You could definitely just do the potatoes if you are veggie, or add chicken, etc. instead depending on your diet/tastes. KC approved.

So, yeah, that's what I've been up to! What's new with you?!

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