Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breakfast Burritos {recipe #34}

One of the simplest, tastiest meals you can make is breakfast for dinner. 

Often times when I forget to clean the crock pot or if I have an evening exam, breakfast is my go-to dinner solution. 

Breakfast burritos are something that my dad makes a lot at home. I always loved that for breakfast, so why not make it for dinner.

Here is the "recipe" that Kyle and I use.

Breakfast Burritos


Eggs - we use 3-5 depending on how hungry we are
a splash of milk
a sprinkle {to taste} of cajun seasoning
a handful of chopped veggies {onions, bell peppers, mushrooms..}
butter or oil
hashbrowns {eye ball it}
cheddar or jack cheese {shredded}

*note* We don't usually add meat because it doesn't seem necessary, but if you want to add cooked sausage or bacon it also works well. We just use whatever we have on hand, which is typically chopped veggies :)


Griddle pan


1) Warm griddle pan and add oil or butter. When it melts add hashbrowns {season if desired} to one side and veggies to the other. {or cook all together}. 
2) Meanwhile, beat eggs, seasoning and milk together. When hashbrowns and veggies are cooked, add the egg mixture and cook as you would scrambled eggs.
3)When eggs are done add cheese to the top, turn off the heat and let it melt.
4) Add egg mixture and potatoes to warm tortillas. Serve with salsa of choice. {you could also serve with guacamole or sour cream}


What is your favorite quick breakfast recipe?

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