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ACURE Organics: The Perfect Skincare Line

*Welcome! I know that this post is still really popular, even though it was written in 2012! I'm delighted about it, and I wanted to let you know that I still use these products today, 5 years later, and I'm still not being paid by ACURE to recommend them! Thank you for stopping by!*

The beginning of this is dense, but stick with me! Its VERY important and you get to the good stuff when you scroll down I promise! :)

If you are like me your skin is not perfect. {this already sounds like a Proactiv commercial... don't worry its not..} I had acne from the time I was 11 or so until the present. I have always struggled to find something that works for my skin. I've now found it, and I couldn't be happier.

...a little bit of the story...

Before our engagement party in June 2011 I was offered a free facial from a popular skin care brand. The consultant was extremely nice and the products looked great. I got swept up in wanting to be a part of a group and a company that had so many good values. However along the way I realized that what was IN the products reflects a big part of that company's values. My face started to feel sticky after I used the products, some even hurt a little. So I decided to look up the ingredients and was truly disappointed with what I found. Full of parabens and chemicals that can't be easily translated into something recognizable. I was really torn on what to do. I had made this great connection with the consultant as well as another person and I didn't want to ruin it. I really believed in some of the things that the company implemented, but the ingredients were too important to overlook. I just couldn't get my skin accustomed to something so bad for me and bad for the environment.

So I sent it all back, cleared my head {heh, heh}and went to the Merc, our local health food store. There I was in a daze, I had no idea what to look for in natural skin care products, but I needed to just dive in. It was then that I stumbled across ACURE organics.

and now I am in love.

ACURE organics is made in Florida by a family owned company with some great morals. ACURE products are all made from natural ingredients {no parabens, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, thalates or artificial colors} and contain some fair trade and organic ingredients as well. They do NOT test on animals. Their packaging is made from Post consumer recycled content. They donate much of their proceeds to charities that focus on cancer research, including Bright Pink.

I was really blown away by the wonderful values of this company!

Here is what I bought & Why I like it: 

Facial Cleansing Gel superfruit + chlorella growth factor

Great Cleanser!! Its light and foamy! Removes makeup and dirt really really well! Lasts a really long time, you only need a small amount to effectively clean your face. Its a bit pricey for the size but again, it lasts a LONG time because you don't need to use a lot each time. 

{this picture was taken after 5 months of use!}

Cost: ~$15

facial toner rose + red tea

This toner really really helps my skin. I am really fair so I tend to get pink and red splotches, this toner is fantastic!! Plus I like the smell. This is going the fastest for me.. but I think I use more than I need to... ;)

Cost: ~$16

seriously firming facial serum

This is a product that I bought separately after I had started the entire line, but its quite possibly my favorite part! Its a really nice oil {you only need a tiny tiny bit!} that firms your skin. I'm only 21 so I really don't have very many "fine lines" but I do have some acne scars etc. This serum is full of antioxidants and antinflammatories that really firm my skin in these trouble areas and I can actually see a BIG difference in the appearance of my scars! This stuff is magic! {but not full of hormones or plastic-y chemicals!}

Cost: ~$23

 Oil Control Day Cream

This is a really great moisturizer for day! Its light and keeps oily skin under control {great for summer}. You only need one little pump from this tiny bottle to cover your entire face, so like the cleanser it lasts a while. This doesn't leave your face sticky! The one downside is that if you use this after the firming serum it takes away some of the oil in it. So I would avoid the area you added the serum to, or just use the serum after.

Cost: ~$19

chlorella growth factor + pomegranate night cream

This night time moisturizer is really great. Its thicker than the day cream and helps firm your skin as you sleep with their chlorella growth factor. Again, one little pump from this small bottle covers your entire face. Bonus: your face isn't left sticky!

Cost: ~$20

superfruit + chlorella eye cream

This is the product that I have bought most recently. I bought it because I had been wearing more eye makeup and it was starting to irritate the skin around my eyes when I removed it. This cream is really nice. It really reduces puffiness and redness under the eyes. It also reduces fine lines which is a bonus. You only need a TINY bit each time, which means that this will last a long time like the cleanser. 


So overall I spent $112 on 6 products, that are lasting a LONG time! So far MORE than worth it!

The new products are good for me, good for the earth and my skin looks and feels great! 

I have been using them for almost a year and I could not be more pleased! I am still using the original bottle of almost everything!

If you are interested in ACURE organics, check your local health food store or click here to buy online.

For a list of things to avoid in your skin care products click here.

If you have any questions feel free to ask! The health of your skin, body and of the earth are very important! So don't take your products lightly!

A great way to start is to switch your products as your run out of them, {rather than buying a whole new line} your skin and the earth will thank you!

I have since bought a few more of their products that I will be blogging about soon! Stay tuned! :)

All for now,



  1. Hi Alexandra, thank you for sharing your experience with this natural brand. I would like to try ,,seriously firming facial serum". I have old post-acne red marks (not deep scars, but hyperpigmentation, red spots) I can´t get rid of them many years. :(( Do you think it could help me with my problem? Or what will you recommend to me? Thank you for answer :) Kamila

  2. Hi Kamila,

    Thank you for reading. I would definitely recommend the facial serum, it helps with my shallow scars from acne. There are also several DIY recipes on pinterest that could work. It's always worth a try. I found that by using it in combo with my other ACURE products, putting it on last (or right before moisturizer) that it really helped reduce the appearance of my marks!I used once at morning and once at night. I did find though that if I used too much or outside of the scar area it caused small flare ups. So just on those spots! Good luck! -Alexandra

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  4. Thank you for this review! I have been looking all over the web for a review and unbiased information about the company itself, rather than the products. I wanted to find out about the company first, and then move on to the products. I'm actually very happy with the skin care products that I use now (Eminence Organics) and am hesitant to change anything up before my wedding next year. But I am definitely going to start my Acure Organics relationship with their shower products and lotions. Again, thanks so much for this!!

  5. So glad that this helped you! I have actually started using more and more of their products since then and I LOVE everything so far except for the shampoo/conditioner that I tried. Another hair type may work better... but that's still amazing satisfaction from a company! :) -Alexandra

  6. Hello! Thank you so much for your review! I love... love these products! They are amazing! I can relate to you on trying to fine the right products for my skin... I have had acne since I was young... and when I found this product line I was so happy! Just an FYI... these products are cheaper at Vitacost.

    1. I'm so glad it was helpful and that you also love the products. :) While they remain a little pricey in general they are still lasting me a very long time and continuing to perform! :) -Alexandra


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