Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Snapshots of The Black Keys & Arctic Monkeys // Tulsa, OK // May 2012

I love them too, just not as much as Kyle. :)

So when we heard that they were going to be near us we bought tickets sort of as an extension of Kyle's birthday gifts. 

We were originally going to see them in St. Louis since we love it there, but it sold out. 

At first I was bummed that we would have to go to Tulsa for the show, but it ended up being much cooler then I thought!

I apologize for the pictures, they don't want to be my usual picture size, so I made them smaller for better quality.

We found an Irish pub {Public House} for dinner called James E. McNellie's. We love pub food and thought it sounded fun.

When we walked in we were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere and amount of people packed inside. It was clear that this is a hot spot in Tulsa.

Cool wall art.

We waited 30+ minutes for a seat but on a Saturday night it was definitely worth it! As we were being seated the wait was over an hour and a half! We started off by ordering mozzarella sticks for our appetizer. They were DELICIOUS! The marinara was a real treat!

I ordered the Shepherd's pie, a favorite of mine. It did not dissapoint. I also got a cup of the potato leek soup which was fantastic! It would have made a great meal on its own!

Kyle got chicken fingers, but pub chicken fingers are way better than normal plus they had a house BBQ that he was excited to try.

Then we headed off to the concert. We parked in a parking garage {$5} and walked the short distance to the really interesting looking BOK center.

We got there and the Arctic Monkeys were opening. I personally enjoy them. I would recommend their 'whatever people say I am that's what I'm not' album. Its pretty punk-y and has a really thick English accent, but its great! I was happy that they played some of their older stuff along with the newer stuff that I don't know. The performance wasn't visually exciting from far away, but the music was great and the lead singer was entertaining. He said 'Tulsa' a lot. In his really thick British accent it was really funny and came out more like 'Tulsaaarr'. :)

After a quick break the Black Keys came onstage. They are really wonderful live and it was really fun to watch. The light shows and staging were really cool. We had a lot of fun!

Then they ended the concert, but due to persistent fans came back out for an amazing encore. They played a song that I really like called Everlasting Light and used a few disco balls and lights to make an incredible display!

After the show we went outside and saw these really pretty trees! 

The show was great, the food was great, Tulsa ended up being a much cooler city than we expected. I wouldn't hesitate to go back for another show sometime in the future.

Read/see kyle's account of the night here.

Where are your favorite concert venues? Where are your favorite surprisingly cool cities?

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