Monday, May 16, 2016

Snapshots of Clearwater & Clearwater Beach, FL // July 2015

Hello friends! Spring is in full swing here, and I am loving it! :)

Here we have another Florida post! We stayed in Clearwater Beach for the entire trip, and it was a convenient spot that made it easy to get to all the cute little towns we visited. (Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, St. Petersburg, & Tampa). Since we did visit other towns, you will note that a lot of these pictures are food! ahha We ended up back here for dinner each night!


Great: Pearly's Beach Eats & Wildflower Cafe. (I took pictures of pretty much all of the food here... because it was beautiful and delicious. I got to try a lot of it too... because my family is good at sharing! :) ) Wildflower may legitimately be one of the best breakfasts I've ever had on a trip!)
Good: Clearsky Breakfast Cafe, Frenchy's Rockaway Grill, Westshore Pizza and Cheesesteaks, 
Not a Fan: Crabby Bill's.

Drink: We are not big drinkers or night life people... but we did pick up a bottle of strawberry wine from Keel and Curley winery (local to this area) at the grocery store! It was delicious! We added a bit of sprite for some fizz. I just had to try strawberry wine after that Deena Carter song... 

See: The beach, the pier, touristy things. My SIL and her BF went to the aquarium because they wanted to see Winter from A Dolphin's Tale, so make sure to do that if you are into the movie or dolphins!

Shop: There are a lot of touristy shops here. I am not a fan of those, but they did have one GREAT store called, "Freaky Tiki." They had some really cute clothes etc. I got a few of their designs that were screen printed on tank tops. Mermaid shirts for the win! They also have a downtown Clearwater, that I think would have been cool, but we did not get a chance to go.

Do: Visit the beach, shop, go to the aquarium and pier. We got a caricature at the pier. :) 

Favorites: The sunsets, evenings at the beach, Pearly's and The Wildflower Cafe!

New Experiences: It was my first time being IN the ocean! Can you believe that?! It was amazing. Also my first time trying Grouper, strawberrry wine, and seeing water fowl up close. AND chocolate covered Key Lime Pie. Nom. :) 

Random Tip: It WILL rain. So, plan some things that can be done inside. Do your best to coordinate indoor plans around the strange Florida scheduling. #thestruggleisreal Be ready to run out of the water/beach with all of your stuff when the downpour starts.

Anybody else who hadn't been to the ocean until they were an adult? - just me? ok.. :P

Have you been to Clearwater Beach?

Anyone catch KC's Zach Braff impersonation? Gotta love Garden State!

Upcoming Florida Posts: Orlando/Winter Park, and "The Treasure Coast."

Happy Travels!


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