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Snapshots of Florida's "Treasure Coast" // July 2015

Happy Wednesday friends! It's been a busy week for me, but I am helping out at a conference for work, and I'm loving a break from the screen time at my desk! So that makes me a very happy camper!

Back to the Florida Posts!

While we were in Florida we also visited the Atlantic Coast. KC's family + my SIL's boyfriend Jacob all went to Universal/Harry Potter World. While KC and I were *almost* swayed by Harry Potter World alone... we decided to skip the heat, the lines, and the rides and take a mini road trip to the Atlantic coast. We drove out to the "treasure coast" and visited an interesting museum. 

Though we didn't do much here it was nice to get away a little together during this trip. The sandwiches were good, the treasure museum was really fun and informative. I don't really think about real-life treasure hunters often, but what a cool profession! 

It was fun to watch the video at the museum and learn about the ship wrecks and the treasure off this coast of Florida. It was also neat to see the treasure that has been found. Lots of jewelry, weapons, and pottery especially. KC obviously enjoyed the "pirate ship" ;).

We stopped at a bird watching area. I mostly just wanted to see more water birds, but the road was gravel and there were SO many bugs. We made it out, and we didn't have a lot of time, so I thought let's just walk down this path really quickly.... I did not enjoy the snake that appeared in our path we decided to take to see the birds! haha Also, the size of the spiders here was INSANE.

Also, those Florida tolls are crazy! I think we paid $8 to drive a few hours! 

Eat: Dagwood's Sandwiches in Vero Beach. Seriously these sandwiches take up entire full sized to-go boxes. We did not know they would be SO huge. They were really good though! Plus the people were really nice there!

See: The coast, the treasure at the McLarty Treasure Museum, the insanely wealthy area of Florida. It's kind of hard to look at guys. Like the OC on steroids. : / 

Shop: We didn't shop here, other than a souvenir or two from the Museum's gift shop. We got my baby sis OE some replica treasure coins.

Do: The McLarty Treasure Museum and make sure to watch the video. Seeing all of the treasure is cool, and walking out on their deck to the "pirate ship" is fun, and a great view of the water/beach. Walk around the parks and spot wildlife. Try not to run into snakes or gigantic spiders, unless you're into that type of thing. I believe there is also a sea turtle rescue center you can visit here, but we didn't have time. There are also other treasure museums along the way. I really liked the one we went to though because it was clearly a small project, and not something flashy. It was very authentic and I felt like I learned a lot. Definitely worth the tiny admission. I felt like I was supporting people who were passionate about the Treasure Coast and sharing that information with others. 

Favorites: Taking a little time just the two of us on a family trip. '90's stations on the Satellite radio in our rental car. Seeing the Atlantic coast from Florida. I really enjoyed the museum!

New Experiences: Atlantic coast beaches. Possibly the hugest sandwich I've ever had?! So many bugs! So so many bugs! Seeing real life treasure.

Random Tip: Wear real shoes. If you want to walk through the parks and see the wildlife there are bugs and snakes, etc. everywhere. I recommend closed toed shoes and whatever cover you want to keep the bugs off!

I think that this area and museum would be really fun for kids who are interested in pirates and old enough to be interested in learning a little more.

Anybody else been to a small or quirky museum?? Or seen real life treasure?

Have you ever dreamed of finding a treasure as a kid?!

Upcoming Florida Posts: Orlando/Winter Park.

Anyone taking a trip soon?!

Happy Travels! 


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