Monday, May 9, 2016

The Third Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival 2016 // Hometown Happenings

Last weekend was the 3rd Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival. It is put on by a local food pantry to get some extra funds pre-summer season. Did you know that food pantries have the most need for donations during the summer?! And it is the time of least donations. So, head out and donate guys! We've been there all three years, and always have a great time! See year one and year two.

This year KC and I went with our friend Michael, (a veteran, all three years!) and we got there right when it started (rare!). There were more trucks, and indoor crafts this year which was fun. We tried three new trucks which was good... it's always tempting to go to the same trucks when you like them! haha

The first truck we tried was "Twisted Taters." The menu was solely loaded fries. KC and I had the "Idaho" which was basically like baked potato toppings (sour cream, cheese, bacon, green onion). They added nacho cheese... which I am not a fan of. Michael tried the "Gyro" which had gyro meat (but it was like ground meat..?), feta, tzatziki, etc. Both were just ok, not super great. As far as trucks go.. this one was just silver, and the logo reminded me of hotwheels and flame paint jobs on cars. Overall, not our favorite truck, but a new one.

The second truck we tried was called "Bochi," and specialized in stuffed boneless chicken wings. OH. MY. GOODNESS. I'm not even a huge wing person... but the flavors here were awesome! We had an option that was stuffed with fried rice and veggies, and covered in a sweet/sour sauce. I don't remember what Michael chose, but both wings came with some slaw on the side. It had some incredible thai/fusion flavors that were just awesome. Nom. This was hands down... the best thing we tried! I will have a hard time NOT going back to this one next year! The guys also split an order of crab rangoons. KC said they were a tiny bit overshadowed by the wings (since they were so good!) but that he liked those too. The truck was pretty much just red... and we hadn't gone in the past... but you know; how cool the truck is does not determine how good the food is. 100% proven here!

Boy, it was freakin' hot....! I don't know about you, but it's hard to be hungry when it's hot. So, not the greatest for eating, eating, and more eating. Oh well, you cannot stop us! :P We sat in the shade (when we could) and chugged bottled waters!

So naturally, we stopped at the ice cream truck next. It was basically like an ice cream truck that travels around a town. It was pretty typical, it had bars, pop sickles, sundaes, sno cones...etc. Nothing too original. The boys each got a sundae and I tried some of KC's. It was good, but nothing special... it was just ice cream. The truck was just white with the picture menu. Nothing unique about it.

The last truck we tried was called "Plantain District." It was a really popular truck, the line was huge, and they served Cuban food. KC and I split a Cubano sandwich (pork, swiss, pickles, sauce, ham) and plantain chips. They also had rice and beans... which I wanted to try, but was definitely not hungry enough to have! The food here was really good, I am glad that we tried something new. Especially after seeing "Chef," I wanted to try a Cubano! :) This truck was yellow and green. It wasn't super artsy, but it was decorative and fun to look at. 

At this point we were all three stuffed, and super warm. Though we had our eyes on burrito bowls, burgers, kebabs, etc...we decided to duck out early, and get some margaritas downtown. Before we left, I went into the craft area, and purchased some macarons from a local chef. I love macarons... so I had to. We bought a box, and all of the ones I have tried so far are good! A teeny bit grainy, but not bad. :) Michael had not had one before... so he tried one.... and proceeded to eat it very slowly and make weird face... verdict is still out...? Once we got downtown it was nice to sit, and drink something cold, and just chat. 

I wish we could have seen more trucks and tried their food... but clearly there was NOT room for more food! Guess we will have to try the other trucks next year! (and not eat ANYTHING beforehand!). 

Aside from the heat... the only other downside was that The Artillery Bar still was not back. Their cocktails were so fun and beautiful. Now there is just the option of beer, wine, soda, and water. Oh well, I suppose it was too hot to be drinking yet anyhow. Maybe next year.

I also missed The Jeweled Gypsy accessory truck. : / 

Have you ever been to a food truck festival?

What did you do this weekend?



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