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Snapshots of St. Petersberg, FL // July 2015

Goodness guys, it's MAY! I hope you all had a great weekend! We did a photoshoot with a talented local photographer and friend. I can't wait to see the final shots! :) This week is going to be really packed with social  plans, but very fun! What are you guys up to?!

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On to the post!

Two things up front: 

1) I HATE those skirts with the half slip thing built in. Why on earth would you want the bottom half of your skirt to be see through?! So, if you're looking at these like, damn, she needs a slip... it's just the bottom half. UGH. I may never wear that again, the midi is not flattering on me. : / 

2) There is 100% a painting of Ever Emma's doppelganger in this post.

I've been posting about a lot of little Gulf Coast Florida towns, like Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, etc. Now it's time to share about St. Petersberg, which is a whole different type of city. St. Pete, is a little bit cosmopolitan in comparison to the others (but not a big city like Tampa!), it holds three lovely museums that we visited. It also had some really nice beaches, gorgeous hotels, and some shops and restaurants. We spent most of our time in the museums, but it was clear that there is a lot going on in St. Petersberg! There were plenty of things that we didn't have time for, but would have loved to do/see.

As you can tell we are just cheesin' in some of these photos. The Dali museum was great for that, and I wanted to mention that while I'm not a MAJOR fan of surrealism, it was cool to see the Dali Museum! There were so many great paintings of his, but more-so I enjoyed the photographs of him and his wife. I loved seeing how he spent his time. They were so cute. 

Eat: The Twistee Treat. I'll be real, we definitely visited St. Pete on two different afternoons, so we didn't actually eat much there. But the Twistee treat is such a Florida place to go. I'm glad we got to try it. Unfortunately my cone started melting immediately.. so I don't have any pictures to share!

See: The beaches, swanky hotels, and shops. There are also a lot of museums, which I'm sure won't surprise you when I say, the admission was not cheap. We visited The Museum of Fine Arts, The Chihuly Collection, and The Dali Museum. The fine arts museum was nice enough, there were some really pretty paintings in there, but overall it's one of the smaller MFAs I have been to. For the price... it's debate-able whether or not it was worth it. We like to go to every art museum... but if you don't... maybe skip this one. The Chihuly collection is a gallery filled with Dale Chihuly's gorgeous glass art. This one had some really pretty pieces, but overall, again, was a bit expensive for what you get to see. If you've been dying to see Chihuly, go ahead! The Dali Musuem was kind of exceptional. The building itself was really neat, they had quite a few of Dali's works, there was an exhibit of photography portraying him with his wife, and even a labyrinth and outdoor sculptures to view. Dali, a surrealist.. was a strange guy, so it's a pretty unique experience. Nothing run of the mill! The gift shop was also nice, and they had a cafe too. There are more museums too of course, and another great option are The Sunken Gardens! I would have loved to have seen them. Perhaps next time!

Shop: We didn't go into the shops in town, other than the ones inside the museums. The MFA store was a little small, but neat. There was a quarter machine outside of the shop where you could put in money and get an original tiny piece of art that was really neat! The Dali museum had quite a lot of fun things to purchase. A great place for souvenirs. The Chihuly collection's shop was also kind of small, but had some nice glass pieces, and things related to Chihuly's work.

Do: Visit the beaches, museums, etc.

Favorites: The Dali Museum & The Twistee Treat!

New Experiences: I don't *THINK* I've seen a Dali painting in person before this one, so that was very cool! I also had not been to a Chihuly museum, though I had seen some of his pieces. My first time eating ice cream sold from an ice cream cone shaped building.

Anybody else love soft serve cones... ? There's something about them that screams, "VACATION!!!" to me! :)

Have you been to a museum that was really unique and specific? 

Are you planning any trips? If so, where are you headed?!

Upcoming Florida Posts: Clearwater, Orlando/Winter Park, and "The Treasure Coast."

Happy Travels!


PS - we are planning some new trips! EEP! :) 

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