Wednesday, May 10, 2017

5 Gift Ideas for New Moms (or Any Mom!) // Mother's Day

Moms are the best! With Mother's Day just around the corner, I wanted to share a few gift ideas for new moms, or any mom!

These ideas are prefect for Mother's Day, when the baby's born, or for any holiday there after.

Because these moms work so hard, devote tons of time to their kiddos, it's important to show how thankful we are, and to remember that they are still their own people, and need time for themselves! Give them the gift of self care and a bit of indulgence! :)

1) At Home Pampering 

My sister asked for a home foot spa for her birthday, so KC and I got it for her and added in a few new colors of nail polish. If you saw this post, you'll know that I like to get my Essie and OPI at TJMaxx at cheaper prices. Overall this gift is fun but practical, and a great way for moms to make time for themselves, even when they are not able to leave the house! Overall this gift is pretty inexpensive! The foot spa we got at Target was just over $25 after tax, etc. Our store didn't have it in stock, but I was able to order it online and pick it up in-store less than a week later!

2) Out and About Pampering

It's great to help moms pamper themselves outside of the home too! When my sister was pregnant she started getting regular massages, which is what gave me this idea. Many women don't make the time (or money available) to take care of themselves via services. Whether it's getting manicures, massages, facials, or purchasing a gym membership, etc. This is one time that a gift card makes a great and thoughtful gift!

3) Subscription Service for Something They Love (or Need)

You guys know that I am a big fan of my Honest Bundles, I also do the A Beautiful Mess Messy Box every month. Crates, boxes, etc. are becoming so popular and so handy for things that we need and love. If the mom in your life has an interest or need that could be filled nicely with a subscription box, why not gift her a trial month, several months, or a whole year?! Talk to her husband, etc. to get a good idea of something even more practical. Maybe they want to start a diaper subscription, grocery, or something similar! There is literally a box for everything, just check out this site.

4) Personalized Family Portrait

I love personalized family portraits! They are so cute and unique! I have made a few for friends, but there are a ton online to choose from! :) This is something that the mom in your life may not purchase for herself, but would enjoy! The personalization adds a nice, thoughtful touch to your gift!

5) Mama Necklace

I'm planning to post about my wardrobe essentials and what I like to call #lazygirlfashion soon, but this bar necklace is a staple for me! I love it, and I wear it nearly every day. I have since ordered a different one (same site) for my mom, and one that says "Mama Bear" for my sister when she had Darrick. :) I won't lie, I will buy these for pretty much any occasion because they are so fun, and easy to wear with everything! Arlyne does beautiful work, and I always get my orders super quickly! She has a ton of great pre-made options, but you can also customize either gold or silver jewelry! If you are looking for something a little different, I also like this one from 31 Bits.

Don't Forget!

Of course, there is always the gift of your quality time and service! Don't forget that spending time with your mom or new parents can be the greatest gift of all! Whether it's inviting them out to a low key dinner so they can get out of the house, offering to watch the baby or their kiddos so they can get out alone, making them meals, or helping them around the house - it's always appreciated! :)

Books, Books, Books 

Ok, this is certainly more than 5 gift ideas... but this post I did a few years ago has some great book suggestions for moms! :)

Be creative with your material and immaterial gifts throughout the year! :) 

What are your plans for Mother's Day?

What type of gift do you like to give? Material? Immaterial? 



These options are all my own and based on gifts that I have given/would like to give. I am not being compensated for this post. Even if I was, I always share all of my thoughts with you all!

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