Monday, May 15, 2017

The Fourth Annual Kansas Food Truck Festival // Hometown Happenings

Whew, this actually happened last weekend, but it's Show Us Your Books and Mother's Day, so I wanted to get those posts out first!

The first weekend in May was the fourth annual Kansas Food Truck Festival! It is put on by a local food pantry to get some extra funds pre-summer season. Did you know that food pantries have the most need for donations during the summer?! And it is the time of least donations. So, get out there and donate to your local food pantries this summer! :) We have gone to the festival all four years! See year one, year two, and year three.

This year KC and I ended up with a huge group of people who wanted to go too! We had 6 other people there, and it was awesome, though a little hard to stay together.

We usually get to try a ton of good food at the festival, but KC and I decided that this year we should try to split more things, so we could try more things. That makes sense... right? Well, even though we did that, I think we tried about the same amount as usual. ha, but it was all very good, so I guess I'm ok with it! :)

When we got there, we knew that a new(ish) restaurant called Bon, Bon! had a cocktail club inside of one of the galleries down there. So we stopped there first to get cocktails. If you've read any of the other posts, you'll know that I had been missing the great cocktails from the Artillery Bar the first year, so it was great to finally have some back, even if it is from a different vendor! My friend Lauren and I each had a Frose (frozen rose with something..., strawberry powder, edible flowers, and a pretty rose gold straw), Michael and Kyle opted for the Honey Bae Bee (Whiskey, honey, etc.). They were both really good and we definitely went back later in the evening for another round!

The first truck we tried was Bochi, we tried their stuffed wings last year, and knew we wanted to get one again this year. It was still super good, a lot faster than the year before! We shared a wing with the slaw on the side.

The second truck that we tried, JB's Tacos, had the longest line ever, and it took such a long time to order, and then we waited again to get the food. It was worth the wait, and luckily we were not hungry because we had wings before that! KC tried the street taco (steak), and I tried the veggie. The veggie was AWESOME! I've been missing the veggie since a local place closed that had the BEST EVER purple potato tacos. It definitely gave me a flashback, so good! :)

The third truck KC and Michael went to alone, while I hung out with Juliet - who was eating her veggie tacos and veggie nachos from La Parilla. (I didn't try anything from La Parilla, but I love their restaurant in town, and Juliet, Matt, and Lauren said it was good!). We also met up with Will and Cara at that point. They had just gotten a wing from Bochi, and then headed off to the waffle truck! Busy, busy! Eventually KC and Michael came back with Beaver Tails. A Canadian thing I believe, or at least we tried one first in Canada, on this trip. This time we tried some type of cheesecake flavor that had toffee/heath bar bits on it. Michael had banana nutella. A little more fried than I love, but fun to try again none-the-less.

After that we made it to the Jamaican truck. The line was quite long, so we went in for more cocktails while KC held our place! When we made it up to the front we ordered our jerk chicken with beans and rice, and it came pretty quickly! It was really really really good. Not gorgeous by any means, but it was so tasty! :)

Lastly, while friends got some cocktails, we tried another tiny s'mores crèmes brûlées from the Torched Goodness truck before we called it a night at the festival.

We ended the evening at Matt and Lauren's playing King of Tokyo. It was a nice break from the hustle and bustle. :)

I guess my goal of trying more things didn't quite work out, but I feel good about what we had. The cocktails were great, and all of the food was really good. Next year I hope to try some more new trucks! We'll see how it goes! :)

Have you ever been to a food truck festival?

What did you do this weekend?



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