Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Six Things You Don't Think About Recycling // Green Goals

Happy Wednesday Everyone! :)

I only blog about eco topics sometimes, but it's so important! So today, I'm hoping to inspire just one person to make a teeny tiny change!

Many of us recycle (YAY!), many of us want to start (great!!!), if you are looking for a get started guide, check out this post! It's got some easy and varied extensive ideas on how to be greener!

Here we go!

1) Post It Notes

I use these at work, and you can definitely recycle them! One step better? Use both sides before recycling!

2) Clothing Tags

Most clothing comes with at least one chipboard price tag or branding tag. Others come with several. Those tags (not the plastic piece) can go straight into your recycling bin!

3) Lids From Fast Food Cups

Some cups (like Starbucks) are entirely  plastic, which means you can recycle the cup and the lid. Other places have paper cups with plastic lids, or styrofoam with plastic lids. You can definitely recycle those plastic lids! :)

4) Toilet Paper Rolls

We've all got toilet paper in our house. Some brands have gone roll-less which is really cool, but most of us still have that cardboard tube when we're done. Put that sucker in the recycling bin! You can also donate them to animal shelters where they make them into toys!

5) Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Cleaner Containers

Most of the time your empty shampoo bottles, moisturizers, make up receptacles, and cleaning bottles can be recycled. Just look for the arrow triangle (recycling) symbol! Usually my shampoo/soap/face wash containers just take a quick rinse or soak before recycling! Especially large containers like laundry detergent are great to keep out of the landfill!!

6) Packaging Galore!

I don't know if you guys have noticed, but almost everything comes in more packaging than it needs to! Lip balm comes in a cardboard box. Thank you notes come in a cardboard box, in another plastic box. Tide to go pens come in plastic mounted on cardboard. There's a lot of waste there! Moral of the story, you can recycle most if not all of those things! Anything made from paper/chipboard/cardboard can be recycled. Even if you can't recycle the random plastic on tide to go pens, you can recycle the cardboard backing. (though check for the symbol, some brands make sure that the plastic piece can be recycled too!)

Most of these things come down to: think about what you're holding in your hand as you go to the trash can. Often times whatever it is, CAN be recycled! :)

Other Recent Eco Posts: 12 Ways to Go Green in 2016 (still works for 2017!), and Eco Beauty Review, Vol. I.

What about you guys? Do you recycle?

If not, do you plan to start in 2017?

Did any of these items surprise you, or make you think, "hey I could start recycling that!"?



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