Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Snapshots of Houston, TX // Day 2 // February 2016

Hello friends! Let's head back to Houston for donuts, art, and tacos. *heart-eyed emoji*

I didn't know a lot about Houston before we got there... but where there's a bigger city... there's an art museum... so, we had to check out The Museum of Fine Arts - Houston as well as grab some donuts from a Houston staple, and street tacos from a food truck while we were there! :) 

Eat: Shipley's Do-nuts. Lot's of locations, good donuts and also kolaches. That's co-lawch-ees. (not co-lawshes) LOL. It's a filled pastry. We tried the sausage one, it was really yummy. We had lunch at a food truck at the art museum, they do Fine Art + Food Trucks on the weekends. This truck was called Taco Nuts and it was really rad, the food was awesome. We tried all three small tacos and KC wanted the frito pie. All were good, the corn was my favorite (minus the queso fresca... I'm weird like that... :P). Hank's Ice Cream was great! Such a welcoming place, everyone there treats you like you're family. CASH ONLY!!!!!!!!! We didn't have any, so they let KC go get some across the street. They told him to take his ice cream with him. LOL - how trusting! We tried the (I think it was called...) Texas Oreo? Which was basically cheesecake ice cream with Oreo. Neither Oreos nor cheesecake are my personal favorites, but the ice cream was REALLY GOOD! We ate dinner at the flying saucer which was pretty good and the atmosphere was cool. Sadly did not realize this was  chain... we have one at home. Whomp. Whomp. 

See: The Museum of Fine Arts - Houston. They had a really neat contemporary Latin American art section. My favorite painting was called "The Corn Poppy" which is the girl with the red hat/turban on. :) The sculpture park outside is very small, and not the best one we've seen - but we enjoy walking through them. Since the museum did Fine Art + Food Trucks we ate our tacos in the park. It's a good picnic spot. :) 

Shop: We visited a few comic shops for KC... but most of the bookstores I tried to visit were closed or had strange hours. I was not in love with the MFA-H gift shop. It was a little sterile. Mostly books - which is fine, but certainly more expensive than many other options. They also didn't have a huge selection of post cards. Which is obviously my jam.

Do: See the art museum and sculpture garden.

Favorites: "The Corn Poppy" Painting at the MFA-H, The tacos from the Taco Nuts food truck, The "Texas Oreo" ice cream at Hanks - and all of the people there! So friendly!

New Experiences: Seeing contemporary Latin American Art as well as the light tunnel (the blue photos above). It was trippy, though we did not trip. Thank goodness. Probably frowned upon to fall into the art exhibit...

Random Tip: Try to visit during the Fine Arts + Food Truck days at the MFA-H. Bring CASH to Hank's. :) 

Anybody else love food trucks?

Have you been to Houston?

Am I the only one who doesn't like cheese very much? LOL - I only seem to like it melted!

We also visited Texas (Ft. Worth, Austin, Corpus ChristiKyle, and San Antonio) in 2012. And in 2013 we visited Garland and Amarillo. But we've never been to "East Texis" - as Sheldon Cooper would say. So we had lots of fun exploring this area! A mini gulf trip!

Happy Travels!


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