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Snapshots of Sioux Falls, SD // Road Trip // July 2017

Happy Wednesday Friends, I am finally getting back to "normal" after my stint with ACoWaR... I have never ever ever fangirled so hard over anything. Wow.

Ok, so today's post is a recap of our July trip to the Dakotas. KC and I had a limited travel window due to his supervisor's maternity leave, and him being new in his position, so we took a long weekend and headed north. We are getting to the point where most places within driving distance we've already seen. Neither of us had been to either Dakota though, so we thought Sioux Falls and Fargo met our requirements. There wasn't a ton to do on these trips, and I didn't plan very well... because a lot of the places were closed on Sunday. Whomp whomp. Oh well, still things worth sharing!

Here we go, today I'm sharing about Sioux Falls, I'll post Fargo soon!

That's his, "oh snap!" face. LOLOL



Omaha, NE:

Eat: We stopped in Omaha on the way up, and had lunch!

  • 11Worth Diner - we loved this great diner. We had never been there and enjoyed sharing biscuits and gravy! This place is a dive and local favorite for good reason!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota:

Eat: We only had a few meals in Sioux Falls, but it seemed like there were some good options.
  • JL Beers - we went here because the other option we picked seemed a bit fancy. We were pretty tired and dressed down... so we decided burgers seemed like the ticket. Aside from the root beer on tap (which KC loved!) the food was pretty underwhelming, and this is a chain. I got the burger with the special sauce, which had peanut butter in it. I know that's something people love, but it wasn't even marked on the menu. That seems really dangerous to me! :( 
  • M.B. Haskett Delicatessen - We weren't sure what to expect with this restaurant since they were called a delicatessen, turned out it was a breakfast place (at least at the time we went). It was super legit though, and I am so glad that we went! We shared eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast (homemade) with jam (homemade). YUM. It is definitely a local place, and the interior is really open and airy. Loved it! I think they have other food at different times of day.
  • Coffea - We stopped here for coffee and a breakfast pastry. The coffee was super strong, and had a hint of something I couldn't place in it (molasses?). The coffee cake was the type that has everything (chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, etc.) in it. There was too much going on for me. I loved the vibe inside the shop though!
  • CH Patisserie - we stopped here because they had macarons. We sadly didn't end up going back for any though. Whomp whomp. We did, however, get pastries for breakfast, and they were super legit. Very, very flaky and buttery! We tried a chocolate croissant and a ham and gryere croissant. YUM! Bonus: they have free post cards with macarons on them. ADORABLE! They had a fruity pebble macaron.. so I'm pretty sad we forgot to go back! LOL. 
  • B&G Milkyway - This is a South Dakota chain, kind of like a Dairy Queen that has the cutest vintage stand restaurants and yummy ice cream treats. I got a dip cone, and KC got a sundae. Yum!

See: The downtown area, which has a sculpture walk throughout. So many neat sculptures there! Also, go visit the falls, not a far drive from downtown.

Shop: We didn't do a ton of shopping, though I promise they had some really neat little shops!
  • Zandbroz Variety - this place is part bookstore, part gift store, part antique shop. It was really neat, and had a great selection of books, gifts, and other items. We got a lot of our post cards there. They also have a location in Fargo, and several others in the Dakotas as well!
  • Unglued - this store is a mecca of all things crafty and homemade! They had such neat jewelry, souvenirs, crafts, etc. What a blast. A great place to get things for friends and family. My favorites were the post cards and homemade dream catchers. There was also a location in Fargo!
  • Oh My Word Luxury Paperie - this store was my favorite, for obvious reasons... but they had the best selection of planners, stationery, accessories, etc. It was so much fun to look. They carry brands like Rifle Paper Co. and 1Canoe2. I got some fun thank you notes here!
  • Visit the Washington Pavillion of Arts and Science - they have several museums as well as a performing arts venue. We went on the free night, and got to see the art museum (with a gorgeous paper exhibit!) and also the discovery side, which was more like a kids' science museum.
  • Check out the sculpture walk downtown.
  • Visit the falls that the city was named after. They are gorgeous!

Stay: We used airbnb and booked a place that was super inexpensive, and worked great for us! (if you want to know where it was, just email me!)

Favorites: The Falls, the paper exhibit at the museum, the stationery store... :P. 

New Experiences: Seeing South Dakota, seeing a waterfall in red rocks.

Have you been to the South Dakota?

Have you ever planned a trip poorly, and nothing was open?

Have you ever seen a waterfall in person? Or one in red rock?

Other Trips This Year: NOLA, 24 Hours in St. Louis, & Sioux Falls, SD.

Upcoming Trips: NYC!

Happy Travels!



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