Monday, January 15, 2018

Twelve Months In & 2017 Goal Review

Well, 2017 is over. I am FINALLY back at work, not sick, etc. etc. In a fun twist of fate KC got an awful stomach bug just as I was recovering from my virus. He's better now, but goodness. We'd like a break!

As the fog is lifting I am finally able to think a bit about 2017 in review. I missed my monthly linkup with Kristen and Gretch, so I'm going to recap my December and Yearly goals all in one swoop!

1) Goals for December:

2) Work on (MY FIRST!) December Daily album!

Check! I am ALMOST finished with it too, which is pretty good, all things considered!

3)3) Read books from under-loved genres (2017 goal)

I read another graphic novel, a historical fiction, and a contemporary adult novel. They were all pretty good too!

3) Try specific ideas from The Little Book of Hygge

We stayed home a lot, but didn't do anything specific from the book.

4) Try a new Christmas cookie recipe


5) Get holiday or end of year cards sent out

See #8... :( 

6) Do #allthefestivethings

We did do this! Busy busy!

7) Go through 3 boxes (or the like) that we are storing. Purge, purge, purge!

Nope, though I did give my purses and tote bags a good re-organize!

8) Take a few things off of my plate - if I can...

See #5. 

9) Think about social media schedule for 2018

Not really.

10) Read and then read more

I did very well at this before I got sick!

11) Spend time on non-paper crafts


12) Take more photos at home with KC/cats, etc.

I think we did ok at this!

Total: 6/12 - Not bad for a very full month of holiday things. I think I could have polished off a bit more had I not gotten sick. But what are you going to do? :) 

2017 Goals in Review:

What Went Well: 

KC and I started taking walks during the work day. I think this was tremendous for self care, and got us moving more. It's not "working out" but it is a sustainable step. I'll take it!

I worked hard on conquering my dental anxiety. I had so many appointments, and got a lot of work done. I feel less anxious now, and I am in a better place about it all. I didn't get it completely finished, but that was mainly due to lack of insurance money after a while. I go back this month. Feeling good about this despite the not-so-fun nature of it all.

We were able to make less plans for most of 2017. I tend to over-schedule and commit like crazy. So this was really lovely and needed to have a break. I think it really helped especially with divorce stresses, etc. throughout the year. The busier months were much more stressful.

I used YouTube a lot for my scrapbook and crafty ventures. I was so delighted and surprised to see over 100 followers at the end of 2017! I'm getting a bit more engagement, and making videos is becoming more second-nature as well. Thanks to all who have followed along there! :)

Along with being home more, we were able to focus on seasonal living a little bit better. We made a point to get out and do things related to the season or holidays. We ate with the seasons a bit more, etc.

I surpassed my reading goal for the year, and I read 58/50 books! Overall it was a very good reading year. I talked about my favorites from 2017 in this post. :) While I didn't read a book from every under-loved genre I mentioned, or as many classics or non-fiction as I wanted to, I still feel good about where I ended up, and I think I read more overall than I would have otherwise! I am also so happy with my book ban progress (coming soon, I swear!). I sold back so many books after reading!

Our decision to move in with my in-laws, (as crazy as it sounds!) was a great one. We are all so comfortable living together. They love our cats. We love having more family time. It's overall just more cozy and less stress. It is also definitely helping us to save for our first home. Our savings is looking so good, and we are hoping to start house hunting this spring! :) 

What I Hope To Keep Improving:

More exercise. I'm so happy with our walks, but I want to keep adding in more exercise. More walks, more yoga, etc.

Cooking and eating at home. 2017 was so much about self-care, but also about giving ourselves grace. It was a really tough year, and we didn't want to beat ourselves up about going out for meals, etc. We didn't go overboard, but didn't cook that much either. I would like to see a continual effort toward cooking at home more in 2018. I think we can handle another gradual shift! Baby steps! :) 

Travel balance. In 2016 we were traveling like crazy. In 2017... we traveled comparatively very little. KC and I have had chats about ideal amounts of time between trips. It's unclear what we'll do quite yet. But I think we are hoping for a few more trips this year. Even short/close by ones. :) Breaks are important!

Organization & Packing. With a house buying and moving on the horizon, I need to buckle down on some de-cluttering, organizing, and re-packing. I started strong in Jan/Feb last year with this, and then quickly puttered out in favor of a more organized living space. I hope to get this under wraps at the beginning of this year.

I have a lot of thoughts on specific goals for 2018. I am excited to share them soon! 

How was December for you?

What did you accomplish in 2017?

What are your goals for this year?

I'm so excited to catch up with you all now that I'm feeling better! I can't wait to read about your goals! :) 



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